profile PT. Inti Jaya Steel is known as the one of the most competitive distributor at Surabaya in the world of aluminium and stainless steel supplying. The wide variety of alumunium and stainless applications bring us optimism that PT. Inti Jaya Steel will be grown to be a leading company for distribution of aluminium as well as stainless steel products in Indonesia. Established on middle of the year 2008, PT. Inti Jaya Steel managed and grew the business in a responsible and sustainable manner. Integrity and Trustworthiness are the core values guiding our business operation towards the long-term goal of developing an honest and long-term relationship with all stakeholders. Therefore, these core values set our customers, clients, and vendors as partners. In order to achieve the ultimate goal of sustainable growth and prosperity for all stakeholders, sharing these core values and standards with our partners is a must.



Komp. Mutiara Dupak B7
Jalan Dupak No. 65 Blok B7
Surabaya – Indonesia
Tel. +62-31-5350142
Fax. +62-31-5461346